Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Spot for Bill

Anthony recently caught a big bass that he is getting mounted but of course it will take up to 10 months to be complete, so in the mean time to save a spot in the wall for "Bill" I made a bass silhouette. I drew I onto white paper, cut it out and taped it on a piece of black paper put it in frame for a finished look and there you have it a spot for Bill. Simple, easy and he loved it!

Pour me a Corona

These are a little frustrating but the outcome is great and they are so simple to make. Who would have known that a little acetone soaked yarn wrapped around a bottle lit on fire then submerged in ice water would easily and evenly break. They are frustrating because out of three attempts I only had one turn out. I'll just have to drink more Corona so that I can give it another try.