Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paper Ornaments

My cousin Amy told me how to make these ornaments. You cut 20 equal size circles out of scrap book paper. Make three folds in the paper to form and equal lateral triangle. Then glued them together to form a globe shape. I think I an going to make some smaller ones into Christmas tree ornaments.

Crochet Blanket

I have FINALLY completed one from start to finish. I am in love with the finished project and the love the steele blue color. I am going tostart another one right away but this time I would like to try stripes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Contact Paper Silhouette

I love love love using contact paper for wall decor. It is so versatile and it comes is many different designs and patterns. For this I free handed a deer silhouette on the back of white contact paper. I carefully cut it out. Using a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles, I peeled the backing from the contact paper and smoothed it onto a painted piece of poster board. I was dying to add some lace pattern to it to make it more feminine and classy but after talking with Anthony he loved it so much he wanted it to go in his "man cave" so we opted for no lace.